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Ask, “Is It True?”

In the direct experience of Ayahuasca we can ask bigger questions such as “Who am I?”, “What is Life?” as well as we have an opportunity to question our beliefs, conditionings and patterns in life. One of todays writers on human awakening Arjuna Ardagh offers a reflection for all to consider “Is It True?”

Here’s a passage from Arjuna Ardagh book Leap Before You Look.

When you notice yourself needing to be right,
When you notice your mind is strongly attached to any conclusion,

Stop and ask yourself, “Is it true?”

Do I really know this?

Is this an absolute, objective, unchanging fact?

Would every sane person in the world agree that it is so?

Or is it simply opinion?
When the mind says, “There’s not enough time,”

Ask, “Is it true?”

Do I really know that?

Can that be nailed down as a fact?

everyone agree?
When your mind says, “No one likes me,”

Again ask, “Is it true?”

Would everyone agree?

Does everyone feel that way?

When that which had been taken as fact is seen as merely opinion,

And when that opinion is seen as an optional extra to this very moment,
Discover what remains true beyond dispute.

We carry so many unexamined assumptions in the mind. The challenge for “educated” and “cultured” humanity is that we easily confuse conclusions arrived at through thinking with reality itself. To examine and question the mind is freedom from the mind, and freedom from the mind, even for a moment, is to discover reality as it is. Pay attention to everything your mind puts forth as fact. Question everything you believe.

Once you recognize that the mind’s assumptions are not absolutely true, please be aware that this does not mean that the opposite is therefore true. When the mind says that there is not enough money, you can ask, “Is it true?” and realize that this was only a belief. This does not necessarily mean that there definitely is enough money — that would also be a conclusion of the mind. Neither assumption can be taken as absolute. Questioning belief allows us to drop out of mental conclusions altogether, and to experience things just as they are. This is the way that small babies know life, and how great sages know life, and it is the way that we also can know life — if we are willing to question the mind.

You can do this practice alone or with a friend. If you do it alone, use the practice for a specific period of time, perhaps five minutes, and then relax for a while. If you keep it up for too long, you may start to feel a strain. You can also make an agreement with your partner or a close friend: any time that either of you hears the other state an opinion as if it is absolute fact, you can ask this question: “Is it true?” In this way, you support each other in freedom from the mind, and the relationship itself becomes a means of liberation.

To read more, purchase book Leap Before You Look here.

Photo Credits: Salvatore Vuonograur razvan ionut


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You are beautiful…  Thank you for your support, you inspire me to be a better person.  I had so many teachings last night, and through the weekend.  Thank you so much for your offerings of spirit, you have shown me many things that I need to put into practice.  I am thankful to the medicine fo…Jordan – Williams Lake - June 2011 – Canada


Big Gratitude to Maestro Don Bechin for your endless medicine wisdom and heart.

Joyful Infinite Appreciation to Arjuna Ardagh for showing/teaching me what awakening and living it, is all about :)

Special thanks and gratitude to Diego & Milagros

... and all my brothers and sisters on the path who have supported me and who continue to support me. Namaste.

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