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How to prepare Yourself for the Ceremony of Ayahuasca

veggies-kvIf you haven’t already abstain from sugar and salt for at least 1 week prior to the ceremony.

It is best to fast all day on natural sugar free juices and water and herbal teas. If possible spend the day quietly meditating and reflecting on the intention for your journey.

Next best thing is to have something very light but grounding to eat – some nuts and seeds and fruits and vegetables are excellent choice.


Below are certain dietary recommendations to prepare your system for an optimal experience and to create an atmosphere conducive to interacting with the teacher plants. It is a little bit like cleaning your house prior to a visit from a respected friend or teacher. If you follow the diet, you will definitely have an easier time.

It is very important that you honor the diet for a week days prior to and after the circle.

DIET PLEASE READ –  I believe that your intention in participating is the most important aspect. Some medications and foods can interfere with the process; but many people have participated without prior preparation. So use your judgment and eat lightly the day of the  Ceremony.

Refrain from:

Medications: No medications, especially the following:  amphetamines, epinephrine, norepinephrine, ritalin, dopamine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, weight reducing drugs, cough medications or any drugs containing dextromethorthan, decongestant, hay fever, antibiotics.  (If you are taking any medication for chronic conditions; let us know).

  • Alcohol & mind altering substances – marijuana (3 weeks abstinence)
  • Hot chili or other hot spices
  • Pork, lamb, beef
  • Sugar
  • Anything pickled or fermented
  • Tryptophan or anything with tryptophan
  • Antidepressants

If you drink protein drinks or take supplement with amino acids, check to make sure there no MAO inhibitors or any of the above ingredients

Eliminate greasy, overly rich meals with excess dairy

The day of the event eat a light, non-greasy breakfast and a light snack/lunch prior to noon if you need to.  Raw fruits and vegetables are a little harder to digest, use your judgment. Drink only water or non-caffeinated teas for eight hours prior to the Singing Circle. (Do not allow yourself to become dehydrated). The diet is HIGHLY recommended for a week before and afterward for best results

Fasting: If you have a sluggish system, you may wish to fast the entire day of the event. If you suffer from hypoglycemia or are protein deficient, we do not recommend a long fast.

Outside of the diet this is the most important aspect to prepare for the event.

Prepare psychologically. For the few days before the Singing Circle it is good to avoid any upsetting circumstances. Don’t watch violent TV or movies, and be selective about what news you watch or read. Try to enter a meditative, calm inner space without added stress as much as possible. Try to get enough rest.


At Karuna Vine we are mostly Vegan Raw Foodies :)

This transition came gradually but it is rooted not only in Spirit but also in science. Food just like all things has its vibration. The highest vibration and highest nutritional and mineral value can be obtained from organic, naturally grown fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables. Cooking food above 46C (115F) deactivates the enzymes and renders the food no longer nutritionally viable. Meat is not only inhumane but also very acidic, aiding in bacterial growth in the colon as well as increasing significantly risk for cancers, high blood-pressure and other diseases.

Sugar in any form other than organic raw agave syrup is unhealthy. Sugar consumption raises the insulin levels in the blood which depress the immune system in many ways. Raised blood insulin levels also lead to quick weight gain and promote the storage of fat in the body. The body is a miracle machine and it will utilize the energy it needs to function. Sugar has no nutritional value what so ever and when consumed by the body is immediately converted to glycogen which is stored as fat in the cells. As a result of this sugar causes decreased insulin sensitivity. Among other things sugar increases bacterial fermentation in the colon. Sugar consumption distorts the body’s mineral balance. Below are other risks involved in consuming sugar other than fruits, agave or raw honey

  • reduces helpful high density cholesterol (HDLs)
  • promotes an elevation of harmful cholesterol (LDLs).
  • can cause hypoglycemia.
  • contributes to a weakened defense against bacterial infection.
  • can cause kidney damage.
  • can increase the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • may lead to chromium deficiency – which is responsible for protein synthesis, balanced cholesterol levels, and glucose tolerance – amongst others.
  • can cause copper deficiency – anti-bacterial agent in the body.
  • interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  • increase fasting levels of blood glucose.
  • promote tooth decay.
  • increases acidity in the stomach.
  • raises adrenaline levels.

The sweet fruits that are available – mangos, bananas, papaya and others are more than sufficient in sugar and sweetness and you can never have “too much” of them.

Refined flour – breads, cookies, pastries – not only are they not raw but refined flour - particularly wheat flour – clogs the colon and intestines.

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