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Unique Animal Medicine – Phyllomedusa bicolor

 Kambô treatments. Kambô Sessions. 

Kambô - Giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) is a large green docile nocturnal amphibian that lives in the trees of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon. Adult frogs (male and female) are able to secrete a substance that has been found to be highly healing.

This medicine comes to us from the Amazon Rain forest. It has been used for a few thousand years by natives of Brazil (Mayoruna Indians) as well as Peru (Matses Indians). It is said that it was discovered by an ayahuasca shaman who was looking for a cure for his tribe. This medicine was shown to him in a vision. Currently Sainto Daime church of Brazil who works with Ayahuasca uses Kambô medicine on regular bases in conjunction with Ayahuasca. There are also various tribes throughout the amazon Basin that work strictly with Kambô medicine.

Traditionally speaking this medicine has been used as an aid to help hunters and to relief what the natives call ‘Panema’ which in our language translates to ‘bad-luck’ or ‘accumulated negative energy’.  It removes sluggishness (this is a great medicine for Kapha types) as well this medicine brings strength and vigour back to the body and heightens the senses for several hours after the session.

It improves hand-eye coordination, great for anyone who paints, plays instruments, does yoga etc…

It is important to state here that the process (a session) of Kambô last maximum 75 min, and that the most intense part lasts 20 to 25 min. It’s also important to share that unlike plant medicines (entheogens) that work in unison with our body/mind/spirit and we can experience BOTH beautiful moments as well as challenging ones, Kambô is NOT a entheogen and is primarily geared at cleansing the system (body/mind/spirit).

Few of my participants said “There is nothing nice about it when you go through it, but after you feel amazing”

The medicine interacts with sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems – in the first phase of the session person goes into a fight vs flight mode, in the second phase we let go and may even want to lay down and rest and lastly we are reconnected with strength and energy inside us – most say that they feel very well after the session.

This medicine essentially is a very strong detox process for the body. It is a powerful liver cleanser and digestive track cleanser. It helps the body to realign into its natural functioning. It also has immune boosting properties. 3 sessions of this medicine are considered to be a ‘Kambô vaccine’.

Many people who work with Kambô on regular basis say that their diets have changed and they are much more drawn to simpler, purer meals.

Scientifically speaking there is ‘behind-the-scene’ research happening with Kambô. The medicine and the animals are in danger do to bio-piracy that is taking place. This medicine was discovered by westerners in 1930’s. Scientists since have discovered that the secretions from this docile amphibian have over 100 active bio-peptides (The primary structure of natural proteins consists of certain amino acid (peptides) sequences that have the ability to exert physiological benefits in human beings. and there are reports of a vast array of illnesses being healed. It is also a very potent antibiotic (dermaseptins) and a pain killer with the 40 times stronger than morphine – dermorphins compounds.

Because of its nearly “miraculous” curing potential a lot of the information about this research isn’t public. The venom of this frog (and others in its category) has been found to help with:

Cancer, Aids, Depression, Alzheimer’s, Sleeping disturbances, Digestive issues, Allergies, Parkinson’s, Heart conditions, Infertility in women, and many more.

For me who have struggled with depression for over 16 years I have found Kambô able to “patch” the deep depressive holes and as I experience the life’s downs and ups I find that I no longer stay in the down as long as I had and as well my relationship with my mind and depression has shifted in a big way allowing a greater sense of witness consciousness to be present.

On another more metaphysical level – this medicine is referred to as medicine of fire and water. It burns the things that no longer serve us and washes away with the water the remains, leaving us clear and more connected to our true purpose in life and aligned with our core.

Everyone who has done Kambô, and anyone who has been around those who have taken it says that there is a shift that takes place in each one who undertakes it – each one of these people gets realigned with their true purpose and their lives and events start to change and manifest that persons authentic self.

Due to the fact that the superficial layer of the skin is burned and the process is physically intense. For many this medicine is a rite of passage.

In conclusion: I have worked with this medicine for a year now and have over 50 points. It has helped me tremendously with various areas of my life and it’s my pleasure and honor to serve and work with it as part of my Medicine Path.


  1. The discovery of new molecules with potential antitumor activity continues to be of great importance in cancer research. In this respect, natural antimicrobial peptides isolated from various animal species including humans and amphibians have been found to be of particular interest. Here, we report the presence of two anti-proliferative peptides active against cancer cells in the skin secretions of the South American tree frog, Phyllomedusa bicolor.


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