Logo Makers and Logo Generators – what’s the difference?

Logo Makers and Logo Generators – what’s the difference?

Logos are everywhere. They are the element of marketing that allow us to distinguish one brand from another. Forming an image for your business that stands out amongst a crowd could depend on paying attention to little details- such as creating the perfect logo! If your company is fairly small, however, you may want to avoid hiring illustrators to create your perfect logo, given the low budget you are likely to have. In such a situation, you should consider going DIY. This means utilizing what the world of technology has to offer. In this case, what it has to offer is two highly useful tools: Logo Makers and Logo Generators.

Logo generators and makers are readily available online. They are often free too! This means you remain within your small budget and get the job done! If you do decide on using one of these tools, it is probably helpful to have a little bit of insight on each type of software in order to make an informed decision.

Logo maker software could range from Adobe Photoshop to Adobe Illustrator along with more specialized Canva.com and LogoMakr.com. Some are available for free online while others have to be bought. Needless to say, free applications often have more limitations as opposed to ones you have to pay for. Logo maker software is essentially what provides you with tools and a canvas to create a logo on. In order to use more complex versions of such software, it is necessary for you to have some general knowledge of how to use it- perhaps through the guidance of YouTube videos. Simpler versions like Canva are extremely user-friendly and basic requiring little to no prior knowledge of how to use the application itself.

Logo generators are extremely different from the aforementioned logo makers. This is because they do not require any creative input from the user- except in rare cases such as with TailorBrands.com which asks users to choose from a selection of sample in order to take into account their personal preferences. Logo generators automatically create fully functional logos in seconds, often providing one with several options to download and use.

So, essentially, logo makers give the user the ability to create their own logo from scratch whereas logo generators do the job entirely for them.  Which one do you think suits your needs better?

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