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 7 Day Sacred Plant Medicine Seminar/Retreat in the Amazon Jungle


Last one in 2014:

Sunday November 9, 2014 to Saturday November 15, 2014


Puerto Maldonado – Amazon – Perú {South America}


  1. Because you want to connect with your Higher Self
  2. You want to participate MORE in life
  3. You want to experience more Magic and Synchronicity and Love in all you do
  4. Want to find answers for WHY we are here, WHERE we came from, WHERE are we going, WHO you are
  5. Find deeper meaning to your life and purpose
  6. You have an interest in ancient shamanic and tribal rituals and wisdomamazon shama
  7. Discover what truly matters to you in life
  8. Connect Deeply with your True Nature 
  9. Improve your relationship with yourself
  10. Cleanse, revitalize and awaken your body to a higher frequency
  11. Heal your relationships
  12. Find answers that your Soul is yearning to know


  1. This work is for responsible spiritual seekers who want to open more their self awareness and higher consciousness
  2. Anyone who is on a spiritual path that knows there is MUCH MORE – and wants to experience it
  3. It is an opportunity for deep personal growth, soulful reflection and holistic healing.CIMG3412
  4. People who want to ask deeper questions and live a life of heart-purpose
  5. Anyone who wants to heal from trauma, stress, addictions, depression, eating disorders
  6. Anyone who wants to completely reinvent their life
  7. Anyone who wants to gain a new dimension to their being and REALLY look INSIDE


“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti 

For thousands of years sacred plant medicines have been used throughout different tribes in the world to give access and to shed light to the new dimension of our Spirit. It is a New Beginning, a fresh start to begin a life of deep transformation and a profound relationship with one’s own heart.

Since 2007 I have been working with Ayahuasca, done hundreds of ceremonies and it gives me an opportunity each time to see what other layers are there to peel off and how many more ways I can learn to love and be more open to life itself. It gives me a lot of pleasure to share this amazing plant medicine with responsible seekers of truth. Once you go inside – it is an incredible journey to really find out what is TRUE and what matters the most.

It brings me TREMENDOUS JOY to see the transformed faces of all who come to this medicine. Its the pure ‘WOW‘ in the eyes of every person and a deep inner knowing of Your True Nature that shines in your eyes!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi


You are open minded, flexible, responsible spiritual seeker who likes to be with people and don’t mind being vulnerable, you are ready to dive-in to the Mystery, you have a good sense of humour. Your values are inline with the Values of our organization.


$1394 usd (50% deposit $717 upon registration (includes banking fees), the rest $690 due in cash on the first day of the workshop)


! Yes ALL OF THIS !accomodations

  1. Transport to and from the airport in Puerto Maldonado,
  2. 40 min boat ride to our lodge,
  3. Your shared accommodations
    1. Each beautiful bungalow has 2 big comfortable beds, for two participants, private bathroom with hot water 24 hours, electrical power and hammocks to enjoy the Madre de Dios view and the jungle surrounding us.
    2. Private Accommodations are $2000 usd
  4. All meals (please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies),
  5. 3 Sacred Ceremonies of Ayahuasca,
  6. 1 FREE personal 1:1 coaching session (60 minutes) – up to 1 month after the retreat ($300 value) – to help you with integration
  7. New amazing friends for life!
  8. Integration time during seminar,
  9. Group sharing,
  10. Excursions to the jungle to see the vast and diverse plants and animals
  11. Excursion to Sandoval Lake and Monkey Island (weather permitting),
  12. (Optional) trip to see live snake and butterfly exhibits
  13. Free access to the swimming pool :)
  14. Music from the ceremonies available FREE for download 

Beautiful Scenery! Bring your camera!

“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”  ~ Rumi,


~ What previous participants had to say ~

“My purpose was to clear unexpressed communication and depression. Increase energy and vitality. My purpose was met. Very effective most direct method I have yet experienced. I would recommend this to those who make a committed choice. Takes some maturity, heart (gratitude) to handle and better connect.” ~ Jim R. ~ Calgary, Canada


“My principal purpose for attending the workshop was to give me more clarity in life and to release so many limiting beliefs. The space (where workshop was held) was ideal and so beautiful. it was magic. I truly appreciated the sacred space and felt very safe and certainly felt completely cleansed within after the beautiful ceremonies. As it was my first experience with Ayahuasca I was amazed of the clarity that evolved. I would recommend this to anyone who truly wants to seek the truth of who they really are. Thank you so much for such a beautiful week it will definitely reside in my heart forever as it was certainly the most intense Illumination for me, but so worth all the hard work finding out who I am.” ~ Marjorie B – Calgary, Canada


“I wanted to write an email to you, to thank you again for this powerful workshop, and the healing I received there. During the last week I had the opportunity to integrate many things, and understand better the process I’ve been through. I’d like to share that with you, as a well deserved feedback for the beautiful work you did with us. …. MORE…  ~ Frédéric – France 

ale working

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Giving Thanks

Endless Gratitude to the Great Spirit and all the Blessings it has bestowed upon me and this mysterious path.
Mitakuye Oyasin.
To all my relations.

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